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Former Fire Headquaters on Pine St It was closed in 2002 when the new complex was opened on Commerce Drive

This was home to E11 and is located on Stafford Rd. E11 was disbanded and the station was closed in June of 1964.

This station was also built in 1873 and was home to E6 and is located on North Main St. The station remained in service until 2002, when E6 moved up to the new complex on Commerce Drive. This station is now home to the Fall River Fire Museum.

This was home to E1. Unknown when this station closed, but it is now home to Fall River Little Theater.




This station was built in 1873 and is located on Pleasant St and remained a working station until the mid 1980's, when it closed and the apparatus were moved to the current station on Eastern Ave.

This station was also built in 1873 and is located on Freedom St. It was home to E5 and Car3. This station remaiined in service until the 1950's when the apparatus relocated to a new station on Globe St.

I believe this was home to E2 back in the 1800's. I Don't know when the station closed, and it is privately owned today.