Fall River Firefighters Museum

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Were getting started

A few city firefighters have started a Fall River Firefighters Museum. I did help them with a booth down at Fall River Celebrates America where we had a 1936 Maxim fire engine (pictured below) on display where kids could sit on it and have a picture taken. We have space available in the old firehouse on North Main St. We are raising money to help with repairs the the fire truck and the firehouse. The fire truck runs but needs brakes. Due to the age of the truck, the brakes have to be specially machined. We made some contacts and got lots of positive feedback and some people that want to donate things to the museum when we get it up and running.  This truck was placed back in service in March of 1973 for the Firestone fire. This truck pumped for 24 hours straight and was the last fire this truck has seen.  If anyone is interested in making a donation, money or otherwise can email me right from this site or can call Inspector Roger Lambert 508-324-2740 ext 117