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Welcome to my new buff website. I lost the original domain I had (www.fallriverfirebuff.com) due to a miscommunication from the registration company. So I have basically the same name but just added mass into it. I will have more pages on this website and will have more pictures and a differant layout. Hope you enjoy it.

Listing Site Updates

The city has purchased a couple of new engines. Both are 2017 Ferraras and are assigned to E9 and E6. E9 was placed in service on April 28th 2017 and E6 was placed in service on August 16th 2017. The EMS division has also purchased a new rescue (R4) and a Polaris. The EMS division has also purchased a 2017 Chevy Tahoe and has placed it in service as squad 11. It runs with a EMS supervisor and a firefighter and assists the medical rescues on calls. There is a ladder truck being built as well as R1 and should both be delivered sometime next year. Rumor has it that 2 more engines will be replaced in 2018/2019. rumored to be E5 and then E2. Of course, anything can change. Stay tuned.

Fall River Fire Fighters Memorial

This picture is the memorial located at Kennedy Park