Special Services

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Fall River Fire Dept Special Services consists of a lighting unit, lighting tower, a canteen unit that are manned by a group of volunteers when emergency situations arise. This group of volunteers are also the Emergency Management Agency for the city. FRFDSS also respond on mutual aid to surrounding towns and have responded to Somerset, MA Tiverton RI and Portsmouth RI recently. Anyone interested in joining should go to headquarters on Commerce Drive and ask to speak with the Director of EMA, Deputy Chief of Special Services, Richard Aguiar.


Rehab 1

Rehab 1 is a GMC and is the former Paxton R1

Lighting Unit

This is a 1989 Ford F150 pickup that was donated to the City by the late Fernando Garcia. The unit has been retrofitted with a utility body

Lighting Tower

Rehab 2

Rehab 2 is a 1993 International and is the former Rehab 1, and the former R4. This truck was the first International Rescue that the city put in service. It was also the first ALS truck in the EMS division since its start in 1975. The truck was donated to the city in 1993 by Charlton Memorial Hospital to start the ALS program.

booth set up at Fall River Fire Museum Muster 6/26/2011